Today it’s time for a look at the “inner-workings of Hot D***a.” If you’re lucky this might just become a semi-regular feature.

Everyday my partner and I play what we like to call “The Game.” At a random moment in the course of the day we drop everything to play The Game. Next we guess the sales we’ve registered during the day to that point. Whoever guesses more accurately gets a tally.

The Game is as simple as that, with a few notable exceptions. If the winner guesses within 1% of the total 10 points are awarded. 3 scores are awarded for a guess within 5%, and 2 if a participant is within 10%. Sometimes customers play too. If a participant places a guess greater than 35% from the actual sales total he or she has to run around the block in no more than 45 seconds or accept the loss of a point.

On the final Friday of the month the winner of The Game is owed a drink from the person who finishes in second place. The Game is currently in its third month.