Oh hello there friends. Much has happened in the garden since our last glimpse behind the bushes. I have planted most of our seedlings and we’re quickly filling the remaining garden spaces with more young plants. We installed a fence to protect our tomatoes, set up a nice little bench, and began the battle to eradicate poison ivy. Have a look!

This is my poison ivy super suit. Pulling poison ivy could not be more fun!  The exploding clown on the dunk tank in the background makes it even more exciting.

Flowers are blooming in the garden entrance. There are lots of bees and other pollinators flying around and helping us out.

Unfortunately, our radishes have all bolted, meaning we will not be able to harvest the beautiful purple Pusa Jamuni Radish. I was initially very disappointed, as they are supposedly a heat tolerant variety, but a pleasant surprise awaited me.

These are radish seed pods; they have a texture similar to snap peas but have the spicy taste of radish. There are multitudes of these beautiful crispy treats. Look for them on the brunch menu this Sunday.

Check out the beets, carrots and snow peas. They are thriving! I am cannot wait to harvest them. It won’t be too long now…

I cleared lots of lambsquarters and planted our little tomato seedlings. They were smaller than I would have hoped, but they have begun to grow quickly. They are hard to see in this photo, but I’m sure the next photo will show great progress. IMG_9111

In this bed we have peppers, cabbage, lettuce, basil, thai basil, and ground cherries. I’m very proud of these little guys, they have grown so quickly. Also, check out that bench in the background; I am a master craftsman.IMG_9098

Finally, I am so excited to announce that we have been approved for a sustainability grant to set up a microgreen growing system in the basement. If you haven’t heard of microgreens, let me tell you, they are awesome! They are the young shoots of common vegetables that are harvested after a week or two. They are highly nutritious and taste like the vegetables they would otherwise grow to be. We will be starting with arugula, kale, radishes, and basil. We have the shelves and lights all set up; we’re just waiting for a few more supplies, and we can get started! I will keep you updated with more microgreens news as it takes off.

That’s it for now, but things are really taking off, so if weather is fine, stop by and say hi!