Okay, Pittsburgh, carpe diem. It’s time to establish yourself as the nation’s foremost Holiday Season tourist destination.

Why? Because in Pittsburgh there’s a fully functional Cultural District where, to my knowledge, no one is on strike. There’s authentic winter weather. There’s animatronic story-telling in the windows of a famous department store. There’s even an outdoor skating rink amidst famous sky scrapers. The only essential missing item is an outrageously large tree, and to make up for that there are free horse-drawn carriage rides on weekends.

While theater people in New York are bickering and tourists are missing out, theater people in this city should be proclaiming Pittsburgh as the new spot for must-travel-to productions.

That’s what I say, anyway. After all, if a certain city can’t best another one in football, it should try its hand at a different game.

As far as I know, the Radio CIty Christmas Spectacular is still going, but that shouldn’t stop Heinz Hall from producing its own alternative production, complete with “Stonettes.”

Happy Thanksgving.