It’s a semi-known fact that yours truly tutors the SAT for a major test prep company to supplement his income.  I’ve got nothing negative to say about the experience, but lately I’ve developed this strange problem.  I can’t write more than three complete sentences without reverting to a multiple choice format.  I can’t contr…

1) At a certain restaurant 1/3 of the diners paid for their meals in cash, 1/2 paid with a credit card, and the remaining 16 washed dishes in exchange for their food. If the person to your right is eating red meat, you think to yourself:
A) How unhealthy; I’m a vegetarian!
B) How deplorable; I’m a vegan!
C) How delicious; Can I have some?
D) How compelling; Is that beef grass-fed?
E) 96

2) This website as a whole suggests that the management of Franktuary believes raw milk to be:
A) A dangerous substance that should be banned in Pennsylvania
B) Essential to the underground Amish economy
C) Vital for healthy digestive flora
D) Ideal for cheese making
E) Far less scary, yet far less subsidized than HFCS

Seriously, if you know a high schooler in need of help with his test prep, you should talk to me.  It just so happens that in addition to my post as a tutor I’m also the Community Relationship Developer for Kaplan’s pre-college programs in western Pennsylvania.  Shoot an email to