I’ve been feeling empty of late. I want my life to be bigger than it is, but I don’t know what I mean by that. Pretty strange, eh? Perhaps I’m having a mid-twenties crisis. I mean I’m 24 now and the old back doesn’t work quite like it used to. Many of my friends are getting married, and while I’m not doing that, I own a business. Part of me is glad I’m not getting married, but another part wonders if somehow I’ve missed an important exit on the great highway to adultdom. I do tend to miss exits, you know. Especially when I’m driving somewhere for the first time. Regardless of whether I missed an exit or not, this is some undeniably older-person stuff going on here! It’s exciting, but lately, I’ve just wanted to run away from it all. Indeed, it’s a self-diagnosed case of mid-twenties crisis.

Sometimes it seems like a quality lunch from my place of employment (a little place I like to call Hot D***a) is the only sure thing in my life. Why not stop by, grab lunch for yourself, and suggest how to cure what ails me.

Here lies the end of my blog for the day.