With Cheryl’s Deli in mind, my friend Doug and I decided to try and catch up with Uno. After school one day Doug headed over to Short Hills and talked to a man named Max who worked at Cheryl’s Deli. Max confirmed that a woman with one hand had been faxing physics assignments from his restaurant every morning for about the past two weeks. After asking Max to say hello to Uno from her sixth period physics class, Doug headed back to Summit.

The next day we received a fax from Uno as usual. After some thinking Doug and I decided that we would try to intercept Uno at the fax machine in Cheryl’s Deli the next morning. So, he picked me up at 5 am and we staked out at the Short Hills train station, across from Cheryl’s for the next few hours. By 7 am we had moved into the deli itself, and shortly thereafter Uno’s tan volvo pulled up in front of the store.

To be continued