You know, I started a part-time job with the Penguins on Saturday night, and it got me thinking. Specifically, it got me thinking about the new NHL with it’s salary cap and “guaranteed” level playing field.

How I feel about that is probably different from what the average Pittsburgher feels, but I’m not here to discuss that today. What I am here to do is propose that the restaurant industry impose a “hard-cap” of its own. This cap wouldn’t be for employee salaries, but for marketing budgets.

Golly! If no restaurant in Pittsburgh were permitted to spend more than what Hot D***a can afford to spend in a given month on marketing I think we’d end up doing pretty darn well for ourselves. Of course, that wouldn’t be very fair to the “big market” teams like Wendy’s or Quizno’s who can easily afford to spend more than we can. But hey, this is the Steel City, proud champion and advocate of artificially created environments designed to give the “small market” team equal footing. At least in this context, that sounds good to me!

Maybe we could even get into revenue sharing. I’d like that. I’m not sure Mr. James Skinner would feel the same way;).