Back in high school, my friend and I wanted to start a Rebirth Brass Band tribute band. We called it the ShakyBootyBeat. Unfortunately, we never got very far with the band because we lacked the appropriate instrumentation. Specifically we never found a sousaphone player, let alone a sousaphone player worthy of filling the shoes of “Big Tuba Phil.” If only I knew “Big Meg” back then.

Since we didn’t have an entire band we worked on what we could, meaning we worked on the names of albums yet to be produced. My personal favorite is “Santa’s Got the Funks.”

At the time we came up with the title my friend and I were working as caddies at a local golf club. One of our peers was a laid-back-heavy-set-bearded-middle-aged-black man named Harvey. Another co-worker was a much smaller heavy-set fellow people called “Roger the Dodger.”

For our album cover, we envisioned Harvey wearing a Santa suit and sipping a lemonade while lounging on an inflatable raft as he floated on the pond between the fourth tee and green. Roger would be standing in front of the pond, wearing those curly little elf shoes, a green leotard, and an appropriately elfish cap. He would be sipping a cocktail while casually leaning on a seven wood.

Santa’s Got the Funks.