Hi there, friends. It’s good to have me back.

Since I last saw you, I spent the weekend visiting my family and recovered from that experience by spending a relaxing Presidents’ Day here in Pittsburgh. When I say “recovered” I am NOT implying that my family is “a lot to handle.” Quite the contrary, really. They’re good people, some of whom cooked a favorite meal of mine and others of whom enjoyed a hockey matinee at Madison Square Garden with me and/or drove me to the airport at 5 am.

Anyway, in the time since my fingers have last graced this keyboard I have developed some thoughts on McDonalds, air planes, and a certain documentary film. As you may have guessed, I am not going to share any of these thoughts with you at this moment. That would be hasty.

Instead I am going to tell you about my friend Brad Wray, composer of the the soon-to-be mega-hit rock opera “The Gospel of Franks.”* Over the past year he did a remarkable thing. In his apartment, he recorded an original piece of music with vocals and diverse instrumentation every Sunday and Thursday entirely on his own. That’s 104 songs in 12 months. Check out his website www.thesundaythursday.com

*Debuts Saturday March 3, 325 Oliver Avenue, 6 pm