I saw the symphony yesterday, thanks to some complimentary tickets I recently received. I’ve only seen the Pittsburgh Symphony one other time in the three years I’ve lived in Pittsburgh, and I like classical music.

It makes me sad that there are so few people remotely my age who attend a concert like the one I just did. A ticket in the cheap-seats of Heinz Hall costs less that $20, which makes me fairly certain cost isn’t the issue. I don’t know what “the issue” is, but I hope it goes away. Let’s face it, regardless of what type of music one prefers, it’s very difficult to get more bang for your buck in terms of observing musical talent live and in person than when you go and see a world class orchestra.

People, including me, are missing out. Perhaps I should make it my goal to see the PSO once every season of the year.

When I think about the fact that I go to the symphony at all as a 24-year-old, I wonder if I’m ahead of the curve. That is, when I’m 70 will I be the only one at the symphony, or will my generation be attending in due time? My guess is the latter. Maybe a better question is whether I’ll still be game for the occasional rock show when I’m 70. I hope so, but no promises.

The handlebar is here. 104!