Hiya folks. Things are busy, busy, busy right now. Here’s a thought to chew on for the time being. Stop by tomorrow and I’ll provide you with something far superior to chew on… a frankfurter!

Oh yes, the thought. Why is it that of all the events I’ve ever catered the only one where veggie dogs have been anywhere near as popular as frankfurters was for a group of people who call themselves “The League of Pissed Off Voters”? Could it be that vegetarians are naturally angry and aggressive???

I jest, of course. Vegetarians are swell. Not only do I like many of them, I also like what they eat. It’s just that I also really really enjoy what they won’t eat.

There are many vegetarians who have earned my deep respect (outside the culinary realm).

Ha ha. Enough joshing around. If I didn’t like meat so much I’d probably be a vegetarian myself. Honestly, the concept is a noble one. If you can do it and it actually makes you feel healthier, more power to you.

Please, though, if I ever become a vegetarian stop me if I become, well, pissed off.