Moments ago I touched down in Newark. As my flight landed I could see wonderful buildings from my window. The very same wonderful buildings that I’ll be in the midst of on Sunday afternoon.

Airports have a funny way of putting things in perspective for me. More on my flight later…

The reason I’m not in Pittsburgh right now is because I’m spending the weekend with my extended family as we celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday.

As I think about 80 years old, I think about how much I want to do before I come anywhere close to that age. I want to finish what I’ve started in Pittsburgh before moving on to New Orleans, Toronto, and San Diego. I very much want to live in each of those cities for at least a year or so.

Then, around age 40, I want to return to New York, start a family and either purchase Madison Square Garden or train to become a veterinarian. After all, I don’t think I could possibly purchase Madison Square Garden AND become a veterinarian. Then again, one should never sell oneself short. On that note, I’d like to visit all 7 continents by the time I’m 60.

So much to do! The clock is ticking, eh? I wonder if I’ll get to everything.