Today three things have left me a touch exasperated.

1) Form UC-2
2) Refrigeration
3) Nickle’s Bread Company

I’ll spare you the details and instead focus on a brighter tomorrow. When we get there, you can look forward to part 3 of The Senile Journey!

In other news, I was on a plane Monday morning. Two rather interesting things occurred.

The first of these is that just after departing from Newark Airport I was able to find my parents’ home below me. Then, just before landing, I was able to spot my current home in Pittsburgh.

The second interesting thing is that the airline stewardess asked for my business card. Says she might stop in sometime. Let’s just say I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I ever see her again. I think she wanted my contact info because of that wound I currently have on my cheek. It makes me look tough. If only she read my blog, she’d know the truth.