You know, I’m a sports fan. But these days it seems like trades rarely ever happen. Trades are a big part of why I like sports.

What if trades were a part of other professions? For example, I propose the trading of executives. Perhaps Michael Eisner and the year’s top recruit from Harvard’s business school for David Stern and a middle-level manager to be named later. I’m not sure how the money side of things would work, but I do know that this concept would add some spice into the world of business.

What if you could trade across professions?? Sidney Crosby for Barack Obama for Wolfgang Puck and a free-range chicken in a stunning three way deal! I sure hope Barack can skate and Sidney can cook! Wolfgang and his chicken, of course, could handle the politics without a problem. It’s just that if he were to become president we’d have to be sure that the chicken was a United States citizen.