A woman stepped out of the Volvo and walked into Cheryl’s. She looked a lot like Uno, she faxed some physics assignments, but surprisingly she had two hands.

“Do you know Uno?,” Doug queried.

“Oh sure, she’s my sister. She’s been terribly ill and can’t get out of bed, so I’ve been faxing these assignments to her students,” Uno’s sister replied.

“Oh,” I said, “please let her know her sixth period physics class is thinking of her. We hope she’s alright.”
“Thanks, that will mean so much to her,” responded the sister.

As soon as the Volvo pulled away we turned to Max, the man behind the counter, and inquired as to whether this was the same woman who had made physics faxes on other days.

“No,” Max exclaimed, “Every other day a different, woman has faxed something. A woman with only ONE hand.”

Puzzled, Doug and I headed off to school.

To be continued…