Today I would like to salute a certain group of people here at Franktuary that we call “Frustomers.” The Frustomer is a unique creature, a hybrid friend and customer, that makes life behind the counter worth living.

Consider: Frustomers Bruce, Tom, Kelly, Alison and Ben, gracious volunteers, put on a spectacular Light Up Night evening of entertainment, cookie decorating and socializing. A shoe-box sized Tupperware full of homemade cookies was delivered by Frustomer Karen the day before Thanksgiving. Today Frustomer Rich, the genius behind the name “Franktuary”, bussed in from Oakland just to say hello (and buy four hot dogs.) And there are many more out there.

Whether your lunch hour is spent talking with us about the impending “moose boom”, or you’re simply dropping by to say hello and pass on a free newspaper, we appreciate you!

Dear Frustomers, let our deep gratitude be known: There would be no Franktuary without you.