Franktuary is closed on the weekend. Normally, so is this blog. Today, however, it brings you some bonus content.

First, an observation. Recently I have spent a lot of time in the city where I grew up. Its downtown is a little bit similar to the area around Forbes and Murray. As a child, there were three shops targeted specifically for people like me. Two were toy stores and one was a bookstore. Today all three are gone. Two of these three formerly kid-centric storefronts now house specialty pet boutiques. What, exactly, does this say about our society??

Second, a childhood memory. Today one can modify a Game Boy into a musical instrument. Pretty cool, right? Well, the Game Boy has a long history of wacky accessories and back in 1990 THIS was cool.

Finally, a fun video. Let it be known that anyone planning to do something like this at Franktuary is heartily encouraged. Especially if you sing well.

Someday, when Franktuary has weekend hours, I promise that visiting us on a Saturday will be at least as much fun as this blog post. Are you interested in helping us arrive at that point sooner than later? Come downtown and introduce yourself, or email Tim (that’s me) at Franktuary dot com. Leave out the parenthesis!