Hey there everyone. How was your holiday weekend? Mine was an interesting one. Why, you ask? Well I moved this weekend for one, but that’s not what really made things unusual.

Yesterday I was at IKEA eating breakfast with a friend when a large praying mantis flew into my neck. You’d be surprised the impact one of those things can have. Subsequently I learned that it’s illegal to kill praying mantises, so I hope it didn’t die.

With our breakfast (coffee, eggs, bacon, potatoes and swedish pancakes for $1.99) there was no bacon, so we each got a free platter of Swedish meatballs and potatoes instead. Still, that entire breakfast experience isn’t what made my day unique.

On my way back from IKEA, I got a phone call indicating that the soda fountain in Hot D***a had ruptured and that our kitchen was flooded. So, I headed downtown to find my entry to the city entirely blocked by a parade. After circling downtown nearly entirely I finally gained access via Penn Avenue. I arrived at Hot D***a thirty minutes before the Cathedral planned on closing because of the holiday, and with two friends, started mopping and squeegeeing to clean up the mess. Thankfully, Bruce, who works for the Cathedral, had already shut off our water.

In the end, there was probably only about a 1/4 inch of water over the entire kitchen- enough to take a while to clean up, but not quite enough to be a bonafide disaster. Now I sit and wait for Coca-Cola to arrive “as soon as possible” to fix our fountain. In the meantime, I’m not holding my breath and you should consider trying a Jones Soda.