Here’s a real-life story that explains exactly why the IRS has the reputation that it does. For the quarter ending in March of 2005 Hot D***a made a small computational error while filing its taxes. As it was an honest error, Hot D***a had no idea there was a problem until its proprietors were contacted by the IRS.

For reasons only the government can explain, Hot D***a was not contacted about the error it made until the middle of September, 2005. For those of you counting, that would be nearly two full quarters after the filing.

In the time it took the IRS to notify Hot D***a of its error an entire season of Major League Baseball was played, several new Supreme Court Justices were appointed, and my facial hair grew a total of 36.4 inches. No joke.

So, why is it then, that Hot D***a is being forced to pay interest that has accumulated over the past six months and EXCEEDS the total value of the principal? There is no question that Hot D***a owes the IRS money, but how is it fair for the government to claim gratuitous interest rates on an unwitting company after failing to notify said company that it owes any money in the first place. All I know is that the IRS didn’t have any trouble cashing Hot D***a’s check back in April.

Chalk one up for absolute power corrupting absolutely.

My goodness, a series of circumstances has caused me not to have had a frankfurter since Friday. I really hope that changes tomorrow, and maybe then we can talk about that Hi-Fi show.