Just yesterday I saw a ticket tucked under a windshield wiper that sat slightly askew. This sight prompted me to wonder what might happen if one removed the windshield wipers from one’s car each and every time one parked at a metered space.

Perhaps the folks we affectionately refer to as meter maids would feel compelled to wedge a ticket into a door handle, grill, or other unconventional space on an offending, but wiperless, vehicle. Let’s suppose for a moment that this is exactly what would occur. Is it fair to assume that a driver should know to look for a ticket someplace other than his windshield? I think not.

Perhaps when explaining himself to a judge the accused driver should also point out that had he left his wipers on his car in the first place, thereby avoiding all the confusion, he would have been forced to leave the headlights of his vehicle on while it was parked. If he wanted to avoid a dead battery the removal of his windshield wipers was not only prudent, but necessary. After all, it’s the law.