I’m speaking about myself, of course. You see yesterday I made an appearance on KDKA’s “Pittsburgh TODAY Live.” I just saw the clip now, and let me tell you, I don’t look too good. Perhaps that’s normal. Perhaps it’s a good thing I don’t see myself on a regular basis.

In any case, live TV is a strange experience. The crew tells you odd things just before you go on the air. For example, “don’t look into the camera.”

How does that make sense for a news piece?? I couldn’t help but want to look into the camera so what I ended up doing was this sort of strange delayed response fidgeting thing. You have to see the clip to really know what I mean. I’d do it again, for sure, (not the fidget, the TV appearance) but next time I’m demanding a trip to the powder room first! If for some reason there is a next time, that is.